My name is Peter Kyuyoung Lee. I'm an environment artist for games.
I'm happy to create 3D modeling, texturing and painting concept.
Thanks for coming, enjoy !


"Ancient Chinese garden" main shot.
There is no preset or pre-made building in this scene. Everything, which you are looking at, is made by myself.






"Ancient Chinese garden " other shots


"Ancient Chinese garden " Lion statue viewport shot and textures



"Welcome to Darkmoon Carousel" Blizzard Art Contest submission main shot.
I made my original building which is based on World of Warcraft. Fortunately, I'm one of 3 winners of that contest.



Other shots, textures and my concept art.


Detail shot.


Through making the Darkmoon Carousel, I got a great opportunity to work with World of Warcraft team as a prop intern.
The game designers in Blizzard Entertainment decided to put my idea in the actual game. I made the carousel again, and it was my last task during summer internship.

Here is a actual game screenshot.


Also, I did some renewal works.




On Dec 2012, I got the interview from Wow Insider, one of World of Warcraft fansites.
Check the behind story of making the carousel -

Click to see entire article


It was the one of wonderful experiences to work in my favorite MMO game team as an art intern.
I could feel that I was one of game developers of World of Warcraft : Mists of Pandaria, not just an intern.
My boss and my co-workers made a great atmosphere for me to motivate myself. Even they asked me to do some concept sketches myself for every single prop.

Every morning, I was excited to make a new stuff or happy to improve my stuff.
My priority was giving exciting experiences to game players.





Working in Process.

"Welcome to the Zeppelin Show"

Thread in Polycount :


"Mr. Zeppelin statue" process
I started by painting a concept sketch. And then, I sculpted a high-polygon modeling in Zbrush.
I brought it to 3Ds Max and baked normal map.



"Mr.Zeppelin Statue" textures




Peter Kyuyoung Lee
E-mail :
Phone : 330-685-3813